Krunoslav "Kićo" Slabinac

Mar 28, 1944 - Nov 13, 2020(76)

About a wonderful black woman...

About Kica's greatest love...

During the 70s of the last century, Kićo often went on tours in America where he would sing for the Croatian emigration. One day, walking through the streets of Astoria, Oregon, he saw a fatal black woman.

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The scene was like from a movie. The girl was speeding in a red Cadillac, a white scarf wrapped around her neck fluttering in the wind. Kido fell in love at that moment! He knew that this was the woman of his life!

He followed her, and when she finally stopped, he immediately asked her name. There was no end to his amazement when she told him her name was Marijana.

He found out that he was originally from Herzegovina and explained it to himself as a sign of fate. He couldn't believe that he met an incredible Yugoslav woman in faraway America! They started seeing each other...

During each of his concerts, he would invite her to the front row. He would stand in front of her and sing his most beautiful verses just for her. After seeing each other for a long time, Kićo had big plans with his beautiful brunette. He even bought an apartment in Astoria looking forward to their future life together. Little did he know that he had a big decision ahead of him.

Namely, Kićo soon had to choose between a career in Yugoslavia and love, for which he should move to America forever...

He decided that he would still stay in Yugoslavia, and the love, unfortunately, ended. Two young people ended their romance with a big and stormy fight. That's when Kićo wrote his most famous song "Because of a wonderful black woman".

But the fatal Mirjana never forgot her Kića. Until the end of her life, she said that he was her greatest love, and she included his memory in her book.

In later years, Kićo and Marijana renewed contact. Kićo called her ten days before his operation, which would turn out to be fatal for him.

He asked Marijana if she would be as beautiful in heaven. She, believing that the musician will surely recover, nonchalantly told him how she will be even more beautiful! He then asked her to promise him that one day they would be together in heaven. As if he had some strange premonition….

With that promise, Kićo said goodbye to his great love forever. He told her he would call her as soon as he recovered from the operation. But the operation got complicated and Marijana never received another call...

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