John Seelie

Nov 25, 1922 - Aug 11, 2017(94)

We grabbed our M-1 rifles and our redesigned steel helmets we had just been issued, a couple of .30 caliber machine guns and ran outside. We had no ammunition because it was all locked up to keep it away from saboteurs. We asked the sergeant to open the ammunition room, but he had no orders to do that. So we broke the door down to get to the ammo. We started firing at the planes. Whether we knocked an enemy plane down nobody knows.


Date of Birth
Nov 25, 1922
Date of Passing
Aug 11, 2017
Englewood, United States of America🇺🇸
Mini bio

John was one of this country’s final Pearl Harbor survivors. A man of pure dedication to faith, family, and country. His experiences provide us with a glimpse of our country every day- willingly placing themselves in the path of danger and uncertainty.

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