Janja Gadže Halović

Dec 15, 1920 - Mar 12, 2004(83)

Briefly what you need to know about Janja

The best aunt in the world, full of love for everyone, especially her nephews. Support, understanding and help from her side were never absent during her life.

Janja spent most of her life in Grabovnik in Herzegovina, and she only got married as an old girl at the age of 66, when she moved to the island of Rab, where she lived until the end of her life. During her life, she always found a nice word for everyone and brought smiles everywhere with her wit. She was specific because of her immense love for her popcorn and sheep that she took care of, and because of the many sayings that are still regularly mentioned within the family. When she was feeding the sheep, she would tell them: "On, on my little ones, on", and she enjoyed taking them out to pasture the most. My sister and I often went with her to feed the animals and helped her take them out to graze while we were vacationing on Rab. On one occasion, she took us to a "magical" place. Namely, my sister and I were very fond of collecting shells, and she, bearing this in mind, took us to a beautiful place where there was a vast meadow where sheep grazed, and next to the meadow, a large accumulation of glittering sand whose surface looked like a scene from some distant and unknown planet. To our delight, there was an innumerable amount of sea shells in the sand, and we spent hours and hours there looking for different types of shells while Janja cheerfully watched us and kept the shells she found and selected for us. Janja was just like the place she was taking us to. Magical. 🤍

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