Ivan Hitrec

Apr 13, 1911 - Oct 11, 1946(35)

How was Dinamo founded?

About how it all started...

Ivan Hitrec, the best Croatian soccer player before the Second World War, is known for his unusual and entertaining tricks and incredible goals, as well as for his commitment to Croatian sports.

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He boycotted the Yugoslav national team, as a protest, due to the move of the Association from Zagreb to Belgrade. Then he refused to play at the first WC in Uruguay.

This talented football player was one of the founders of Dinamo in 1945, and then became its technical officer. I remember Hitrec's sentence from the founding meeting that took place in his office in the "Elektra" building. That sentence spread through the city in a whisper. Hitrec said: - Dinamo is a conspiratorial name for Građanski, and Mladost for HAŠK! –

Namely, Građanski was founded at a time when Croatia was still part of Austria-Hungary. Croats, dissatisfied with their status, demanded independence. Football was one of the ways they achieved it. Back in the spring of 1911, there were rumors around Zagreb that a new Hungarian football club would be founded and that it would be a member of the Hungarian Football Association, even though all the clubs in Zagreb were members of the Croatian Sports Association founded in 1909. Among young sports enthusiasts, the idea that it should to found a new football club before the Hungarians.

This is why the First Croatian Civic Sports Club Zagreb (1. HŠK Civic Zagreb) was founded on April 26, 1911. It was founded by Mutafelija with a group of his friends in the Matković restaurant, in Frankopanska 8. Mutafelija was elected the first president of the club. The popular purgers in blue jerseys initially played on the lawn at Tuškanec, and in 1924 they got their own playground next to today's Bus Station. The playground was personally opened by Stjepan Radić.

After the war, Građanski, Concordia and HAŠK were abolished. They were forbidden to act. Football club Dinamo was founded on June 9, 1945. From Građanski, he took over the blue color of the jerseys, most of the players, fans and the nickname purgeri, and the club crest was modeled after Građanski's crest.

Even today, Dinamo is considered the successor of Građanski. Its current name was adopted at the meeting of the club's assembly on April 12, 2011. Then the name "Nogometni klub Dinamo Zagreb" was changed to "Civil football club Dinamo Zagreb" in order to pay tribute to the rich tradition of the Civic club.

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