Ivan Hitrec

Apr 13, 1911 - Oct 11, 1946(35)

How did Dinamo get its name?

About the name that symbolizes the source of energy...

Ivan Hitrec was a builder by profession, an expert in road and bridge construction. In addition to playing football, he worked as a technical officer at the Zagreb Electric Power Station. Ico was one of the founders of Dinamo. A meeting was held in his office in the "Elektra" building in June 1945 at which Dinamo was founded.

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It was Ico who gave Dinamo its famous name. "Dinamo" was an extremely popular name in Eastern Europe at the time, namely the name of the Moscow club. The name symbolized the source of energy.

Some witnesses of that historic meeting, at which Ico Hitrec and Ivica Medarić gave the main speech, recounted how Ico said a famous sentence: "Dinamo is a conspiratorial name for Građanski, and Mladost for HAŠK".

Although, after the collapse of the former state, there was a lot of discussion about the future of that name - in fact, some argued that the name Civic should be returned, the name remained. In 2011, "Football club Dinamo Zagreb" changed its name to "Citizen football club Dinamo Zagreb" in order to pay tribute to the rich tradition of the Građanski club.

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