Ivan Hitrec

Apr 13, 1911 - Oct 11, 1946(35)

HAŠK vs. Civil

Ico was the biggest threat to the biggest rival of the Hašak team - Građanski.

The civic club was a broad-based club, in contrast to HAŠK, which was still mainly connected to the University and academics. At that time, there was a huge rivalry between the academics of HAŠK, who played in red shirts, and the purgers of Građanski, whose basic color was blue. Both the people of Haskovo and the Purgers were united in emphasizing their Croatianness.

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In fact, during Ica's time, Građanski was a much better club than HAŠK. And because of this, many people wonder why the best Croatian football player did not play in that particular club.

What was even more unusual was that Ica's brother, Rudolf, played for Građanski. Journalists said that Hitrec's stay in HAŠK was due to the will of his older brother Rudolf, who played in that club for years. It seems that the brothers have created some of their own rules.

Nevertheless, Hitrec knew how to play for Građanski in some important matches. That's how he played against the strong Ferencvaros. Citizens won 2:1 thanks to Hitrec who scored both goals. After that match, Ferencvaros also recruited him, but Hitrec did not want to go to Hungary.

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