Ivan Hitrec

Apr 13, 1911 - Oct 11, 1946(35)

Dribbling called "frog"

About the funniest trick of the fastest HAŠK player

Journalists from well-known newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail couldn't help but admire Hitrec's popular "frog".

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"Zaba" was an unprecedented dribble!

Ico would place the ball between his legs, squeeze it and jump between his opponents! The Zagreb stands were dying of laughter at that trick, but the strangest thing was that Hitrec, jumping like a frog, really managed to avoid his opponents. For every Ica match, more tickets were requested because the audience never knew what to expect!

Hitrec has always said that he does not enjoy taking kicks from 11 meters. He claimed that he was too close to the door then! Namely, this athlete was able to sprint 100 meters under 12 seconds. At the time, multiple Olympian Jesse Owens ran the same distance in 10.30 seconds.

From Ica's "bomber shots" that tore the nets, Olympic-fast sprints, to incredible dribbling with which he would deceive opponents, this unusual player turned ordinary games into a spectacle. Ica's wonderful "frog" was just the cherry on top of the football specialty that this talented purger prepared for the people of Zagreb.

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