George Thomas Shuba

Dec 13, 1924 - Sep 29, 2014(89)

„A Handshake of the Century“

In the heart of Jersey City, where dreams rose as high as its magnificent skyscrapers, a simple handshake became a timeless symbol of sportsmanship, unity, and the dawn of a new era.

The year was 1946, a time when America's favorite pastime was about to undergo a significant transformation. It was long before the Civil's Right's movement, and long before Rosa Parks.

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Dodger's farm team, Montreal Royals, played their International League opener against the Jersey City Giants. On that day, more than seventy-five years ago, Jackie Robinson wasn’t a star.

It was his debut at Montreal Royal. Although, by entering the team, he already made history as the first African-American player in organized baseball, now he was just one of dozens of International (all–White) League players trying to prove they belonged.

Roosevelt Stadium was jam-packed, far beyond its capacity, as fans gathered to witness history. Some wanted to see Jackie succeed, while others secretly hoped for his failure.

Under the scorching sun, Jackie Robinson stood on the baseline, his heart pounding. With the National Anthem playing in the background, he understood the weight he was carrying upon his shoulders.

In the moments ahead, he will be representing millions of African Americans who pinned their hopes on him. If he could succeed in a predominantly white world of baseball, he would show that others could too. If he could earn the respect, maybe doors would open for everyone.

However, Jackie's journey had been far from easy. During spring training in Florida, he struggled with his batting and endured an arm injury that hampered his throwing. Off the field, he faced relentless bigotry. Many of his teammates ignored him, even refusing to touch the bat after he did. The fear of losing his spot on the team haunted him.

He knew these were the moments that would make or break his life. The game began. Tension filled the air as Jackie stepped up to the plate. In his first at-bat, Jackie hit a ground ball to the Giants' shortstop. It was a momentary setback.

But in the second inning, the Royals took charge. Tom Tatum singled, and Red Durrett hammered a pitch over the left-field wall for a home run, scoring the first two runs of the game. Then came the third inning, and with it, Robinson's second chance.

With two runners on base, he faced Giants' pitcher Warren Sandel. The crowd held its breath as Jackie swung at the pitch.

Then, in a moment of pure magic, Robinson connected with Sandel's pitch. The stadium echoed with the crack of the bat, the ball soared high into the sky, and time seemed to stand still...

But as Jackie sprinted down the basepath, the outfielders could only watch the ball disappearing over the fence! A tremendously loud sound of thousands, filled with joy, erupted and spread through the stadium, following Jackie to the end of his home run!

As he approached home plate, Jackie knew he was about to make history! In a final burst of speed, he crossed the home plate, scoring a three-run homer and extending the Royals' lead to 5-0!

However, what made that moment truly historic was not only Jackie's outstanding performance!

It was George's Shuba smile and his open arm, with whom he greeted his fellow teammate congratulating him for a great play.

When Jackie completed his trip around the bases, Shuba, the Royals’ left fielder and their next batter, shook his hand.

At that moment, as two teammates with their smiles ear-to-ear shook hands, the barrier of color in baseball was symbolically broken.

It was not a moment of grand celebrations, nor of elaborate displays of emotion. What made history, what was to become "The handshake for the century", was a simple act of camaraderie between two teammates. A pure gesture of support. And in its simplicity, it was an act that gave an addditional sourge of courage to a man who stood at the forefront of breaking Major League Baseball's color barrier.

While other players didn't even acknowledged Robinson's first homer, George „Shotgun“ Shuba didn't divide. George Shuba's son, Mike, emphasized that his father's handshake was not intended as a statement against racism; it was simply the right thing to do. As George was known to say later in life: „I would've shaken his hand if he was Technicolor!.“

Shuba's handshake with Robinson that day was captured by a photographer. It was a frozen moment in time that would become legendary.

The iconic photograph of Jackie Robinson and George Shuba's historic handshake didn't just capture the attention of sports enthusiasts; it resonated deeply with the American public. The image became a symbol of hope and progress during a time of racial division and discrimination. It represented the idea that unity and equality were achievable goals.

Over the years, the photograph's popularity continued to grow. It appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country, reminding people of the importance of treating everyone with respect and dignity. And George Shuba displayed it with honor, in his living room wall, until the day he died.

The impact of a one photograph lived further. Sculptor Marc Mellon recognized its historical significance.

He transformed the powerful image into a magnificent seven-foot statue, known as "The handshake of the century," now located in George Shuba's hometown of Youngstown, Ohio.

This statue served as a lasting tribute to a moment that transcended sports, and became a symbol of the broader struggle for civil rights and equality. It reminds us that greater change is built out of small, everyday acts of humanity, as it was with George's simple gesture of kindness and acknowledgment.

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