Fabjan Kaliterna

Jan 20, 1886 - Jan 1, 1952(65)

How did Hajduk get its name?

After watching the match between Slavia Prague and Spartak, the young men sat down in the cafe "U Flek". That's when the club was born, which only lacked a name...

The legendary Split club was founded by Prague students Lucijan Stella, Ivan Šakić, Vjekoslav Ivanišević, Vladimir Šor and the legendary Fabjan Kaliterna in the cafe "U Fleku", just after watching the match between Slavia and Spartak. The most difficult thing for them was to come up with the name of the club, so they turned to their old teacher Josip Barač for help.

Paragraph image 1921

In the series "Velo misto", Miljenko Smoje portrayed the creation of a name that lives forever in a very interesting way.

- Just write it down, and leave the name blank when it comes. Lipo decides now, and we can easily move on later. - said Duje, a character inspired by Kaliterno.

- My people, we cannot forgive! The club is like a person, it bears a name for a lifetime. - they countered him. So they started with proposals: - It could be Uskok, then Marjan, Mosor, Velebit, Borac! – everyone had their own proposal and everyone had their own opinion.

They agreed that they could not come to an agreement, so the boys marched straight to the Split gymnasium with professor Josip Barač. - It's all over! The only thing missing is the name of our club - they shouted, surprising the professor in his office.

– You barged in uninvited, without knocking. Like real hajduks! - the professor told them. - Here, let that be your name - Hajduk! As you know, that word in our nation means something most beautiful, heroism, honesty, camaraderie, defiance of the powerful, protection of the weak. Let the club be called Hajduk! - the professor decided. And so it was. The club has been performing under the name "Hajduk" for more than a hundred years.

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