Edo Matković

Aug 18, 1958 - Aug 4, 2010(51)

A school experiment and a humorous play

Along with art, Edo Matković loved to make his friends and colleagues laugh, and sometimes it would be a real show

Professor of Art Education, versatile artist, poet, musician, but primarily an extremely gifted painter. In Lučac elementary school, in addition to teaching art and drawing, he was also in charge of decorating the space for various celebrations. He was extremely gifted, but also endearing in his way of communication and experience of life. After the school celebrations, he would always entertain the school staff by singing and playing the guitar and come up with pranks. He was extremely witty and his humor was beyond the usual boundaries of funny people, he regularly made everyone laugh and turned the environment at school into a cheerful atmosphere of informal socializing. He once tried to do a school experiment in the assembly hall. He often played the clown, made jokes, but sometimes it turned out to be a social experiment quite by accident. In the afternoon shift, when the professors briefly entered the assembly hall before class, they were greeted by a very unpleasant surprise on the table, someone had defecated profusely. Next to the excrement, there were also several dirty, scattered pieces of toilet paper. Most of the teachers didn't want to sit at the table with handkerchiefs covering their noses and complaining about how terrible it smelled. Some ran away, and some stood in amazement and coughed from the stench. The Chemistry professor was looking for a Technical Culture professor because he is in charge of such technical problems. She asked him to take a copy and throw it in the trash. One professor suggested that it should somehow be checked in the laboratory which student was responsible for what some laughed at. The headmistress calmed down the passions a little, ordered all the windows to be opened because the smell of rot was really unbearable, and then asked the class teacher to hold a teacher's class immediately and after the questioning, the perpetrators claimed that there were assistants there, and after that they should convene parent meetings. Edo Matković was watching all of this in the corner of the assembly hall, he liked how the show played out because everyone was in absolute shock and, ignoring the director's words, he hurried to the windows, opened them all and said with a sneer: "What are these children like." Who we bring it up, terrible rudeness" while the other professors nodded their heads and baptized themselves. At that moment, Edo approached the table and, to everyone's astonishment and a thunderous exclamation, took the excrement and, urbi et orbi, announced that it was ordinary plastic bought in the toy department, plastic that he had shaped and finished with brown paint, as well as toilet paper that he had added a special effect. Everyone burst out laughing and couldn't believe how he had tricked them and how their mind had produced a smell that wasn't even there. Edo always had some crazy ideas and he was a man you meet once and remember for a lifetime because he gave people a spark of unconventional craziness. There are countless such sleepy and crazy memories that his friends remember. He was a man in whose company you can only be smiling and joyful.

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