Bruno Bušić

Oct 6, 1939 - Oct 16, 1978(39)


How the life of the symbol of the Croatian Spring was forcibly extinguished.

Bruno Bušić, Croatian publicist and fighter for a sovereign and independent Croatian state, after being expelled from school and being monitored by the UDBA, finishes the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb on time. At first he found a job in a company for geological-mining and construction research, and not long after Franjo Tuđman hired him at the Institute for the History of the Labor Movement.

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He was convicted for "reading the emigrant press and hostile propaganda", and was released until the verdict was announced. Then he flees to Austria. At Tuđman's persuasion, he returns after only a few months. He became the editor of the Hrvatski knjiživé list, and after the closure of that magazine, he went to Paris where, together with the rest of the Yugoslav emigration, he edited and published the Hrvatski tjednik. After the suppression of the Croatian Spring, he was detained and sentenced to two years in prison. He gets out of prison, but it was not a happy circumstance for him at the time. Not long after his liberation, he was beaten by about fifteen men on Dubrovnik's Stradun. Disappointed in the system and the state, he illegally leaves Yugoslavia and settles in England, where he receives political asylum.

He was shot while traveling through Paris. At 11:20 p.m., he was shot with two shots from an Astra pistol, and it is likely that he was killed by members of the UDBA in charge of monitoring suspected Croatian emigration and carrying out assassinations. He was buried at the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. After independence, his remains were transferred to Zagreb. The great publicist and fighter for sovereign Croatia lies in Mirogoj's Defender's Alley.

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