Branko Čavlović

? - Apr 13, 2001


About Karlovac football legend.

Branko Čavlović – Čavlek is a Karlovy Vary football legend. He grew up in Zagreb, where he has been a member of HAŠK since 1933, in whose jersey he plays in the NDH championship.

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In 1943, he played in Padova for the young Croatian national team (under 22) in a match with Italy (0:0). Since 1944, although all the big clubs of Yugoslavia are looking for him, Čavlek has been a member of the Karlovac football clubs "Tomislav", "Udarnik", "Slavia" and "Karlovac".

He passed the exam for a football instructor in 1957 and since then has been working continuously for 43 years, until 2000, with all youth selections in several clubs in Karlovy Vary.

His work with the youngest football players was especially noted. He was the teacher of numerous generations of football players in Karlovac, where he also discovered national team players Vlad Baršić, Rajko and Željko Janjanin, Zvezdan and Borislav Cvetković, and several other notable players.

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