Vojdrag Berčić

Apr 23, 1918 - Sep 2, 2004(86)

Mother's research methods

About a special research method called "Dalmatian geography".

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Vojdrag Berčić was a respected lawyer and later a director. As a young and talented legal investigator, he was given all the elite cases to solve. But Berčić does not owe his talent for law to the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, where he studied, but to his mother Antonietta. And that's because of her unusual teaching in the so-called "Dalmatian geography". After graduating from high school, Vojdrag did not know what to enroll. His father wanted him to enroll in medicine, but Vojdrag could not think of a meat. The mere mention of a carcass, human or chicken, would make him sick. He was not interested in technology, and he did not like economics either. - And what wouldn't be right? Antoniette's mother advised him. - And none was a lawyer. And an excellent one. - she nudged him. But Vojdrag did not know one important thing at that moment. Antoniette wanted her son to pursue this respected profession, not for her father's sake, but for her own sake. None took all his cases home every day and solved them there in peace. Namely, he had his own personal legal advisor in the family home. It was precisely his eldest daughter Antoniette. He would, as he used to say, "clear up cases" with her. The considerations she presented while reading the court files turned out to be incredible. She passed this secret knowledge on to her son Vojdrag. Namely, Antoniette used an ancient way of exposing the culprit called "Dalmatian geography". The method was simple. Antoniette just asked for the last name! When she heard who the perpetrator was and where he came from, the case was solved. Vojdrag used to say: - As soon as my mother heard the surname, she knew who in Dalmatia was a murderer, a gangster, who was a thief, who was a knight. She would know who will steal, but who will admit it, and who will hide, who will lie! - Antoniette knew all that, and that knowledge was the knowledge of a judge who had administered justice in Dalmatia for forty-seven years. The knowledge of the Dalmatian soil, from which, as she said, the Dalmatians sprang, made her very perceptive. She passed that shrewdness on to her son, who would modestly say: - If I was legally worth anything, then I have my mother to thank the most! –

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