Pavao Vuk Pavlović

Feb 9, 1894 - Nov 13, 1976(82)

Looking ahead

Philosophical currents and interests

Pavao Vuk-Pavlović studied philosophy and pedagogy in Leipzig and Zagreb, where he obtained a doctorate in philosophy. Although his lectures at the Faculty of Philosophy were canceled due to problems with political regimes, we can say that Pavle Vuk left a deep impression on a few students who were his loyal followers. Vuk himself dealt with the problem of cognition in the 1920s, during the time of the strong influence of neo-Kantian philosophy. In his works "Cognition and Cognitive Theory" and "Cognitive Theory and Metaphysics" he emphasizes his interest in the status and possibility of the theory of knowledge. Vuk is preoccupied with questions such as: is it possible for knowledge to exist, even assuming the rejection of the objection that knowledge as such is impossible. In addition to all his contributions to the science of philosophy, Pavao Vuk - Pavlović is best known for his book "Personality and Education", in which he develops a peronalist philosophy of education. Vuk emphasizes that the whole world exists solely because of human activity and that the future does not come by itself, it is created by life, and it is precisely in the future that the foundation of Pavlović's education lies. "The future is born only where there is a desire for value, and it is fulfilled with meaning only in the presence of value." It is precisely human values ​​that are the source of Vuk's philosophy of education - a meaningful human life is hidden within the values ​​that the aforementioned achieves and portrays man, who has been given free will, as a free subject who can choose to surround himself with values, and the "living will of a certain future" is never based on of the past. Pavao Vuk - Pavlović always looked forward, giving us such a perspective and privilege where we realize that we are the ones who create the future - and chase the moments.

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