Marijan Beneš

Jun 11, 1951 - Sep 4, 2018(67)

How did Beneš answer Tito?

He had only one flaw...

Beneš remained a true Yugoslav until his death. He was extremely loyal to Tito, but he did not hesitate to respond to provocations, neither in the ring nor outside it.

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As a European boxing champion and Yugoslavian champion, Beneš had everything except height. At only 170 centimeters, he was often the subject of jokes.

Thus, the most important man of Yugoslavia, seeing him, said to him: - And you are the LITTLE one who beats you so dangerously. –

But Marijan, quick on the tongue, indifferent to authority and prone to jokes, immediately retorted: - I also thought that you, comrade Tito, were taller. –

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