Dino Dvornik

Aug 20, 1964 - Sep 7, 2008(44)


How do you make the worst cedevita in the world?

Another legendary story about Dina Dvornik while out on the town, happened after he and Davor Gobac spent two days at a party. Gobac was engaged in painting in those years and used to leave his painting equipment all over the apartment. Along with the other equipment, there were also numerous glasses of water in which he would wash the brushes. After returning from such a long party, Dino ran into the apartment.

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- I'm thirsty!! I'm burning! - he shouted and sprinted around the apartment looking for something to drink.

The first thing he saw was a large glass full of orange liquid.

- Cedevita! - he happily exclaimed and finished drinking the glass full of orange paint in which Gobac washed his brush. At first he didn't even understand what was in it, but he quickly concluded that it was the worst cedevita of his life.

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