Blago Zadro

Mar 31, 1944 - Oct 16, 1991(47)

He was like that, what was his name

Before the war, Blago led a peaceful, family life. He was born in Donji Mamići, and as a ten-year-old he came to Borovo Naselje...

Blago was a simple man. In the 2004 documentary 'Blago Zadro, the hero of Vukovar'. his wife Katica told about Blaga before the war. She could tell that he was like that, what was his name.

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She met Blaga in the summer of 1967. - And I knew it would be mine. I just liked him as a person. - she told. Katica then attended an economic school, and he went to meet her every evening from the seventh month until their marriage, to meet her and to talk. - Not a single evening would pass without him coming. Katica said.

He slightly charmed Katica by bringing her a chocolate bar or some other sweet every evening. It didn't take long until the young couple decided to get married.

According to Katica, their wedding took place on New Year's Eve in 1967. Soon Katica also got a job in Borovo, and the young couple worked hard so that they could build a house and become independent. Namely, Blago had many brothers and sisters, so Katica and he did not want to be a burden to his parents. They slowly built their hearth.

- We worked together in shifts, he the first, I the second or vice versa. If he was doing the third one, I would go to the second one so that he could take a nap. Katica said. In 1969, their first son Robert was born, and soon Tomislav and Josip. And so they worked and raised their sons.

In addition to working in the factory, Blago also had his own vineyard, land and animals. He would work around the house and plant and prepare grain for sowing. - We tried to make it nice for us! - said his wife.

The beauty of peaceful life was marred by war. At the beginning of the nineties, Blago participated in the founding of the local HDZ branch and encouraged the independence of Croatia. Due to the threat of armed conflict, veterans began to organize themselves in local communities, as many did not have military schools. Blago then became in charge of Trpinjska cesta, the most important part of Borovo Naselje. He defended his hearth heroically, and he gave his life for the freedom of his homeland.

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