Bekim Sejranović

Apr 30, 1972 - May 21, 2020(48)

One of the greatest contemporary writers of this area

Bekim was my favorite writer.

I met him before he was mine. After the reading in Booksa - a Scandinavian colleague and I came to listen to him, we were sitting on the stairs - at some point when the official part of the program ended, he went into the audience and I don't know how, maybe she initiated it, but we met. Somehow we talked and they started joking about Norway and our areas, the prejudices we have about each other, both positive and negative.

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Until then, I had only read his autobiographical travel texts in Jutarnji. He would later become my favorite, my favorite writer.

Knowing this, the godmother very cautiously asked me, "Have you heard about Bekim?". It just cut me off; I never thought that the death of a writer I didn't really know could hit me like that. Until then, I considered public grieving over famous people to be a bit of an exaggeration. And now I'm the one who hasn't gotten over all his unwritten books. It comforts me that at least he knew how to live, nomadically, not belonging anywhere. Huck Finn, nowhere, nowhere.

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