Antun Gustav Matoš

Jun 13, 1873 - Mar 17, 1914(40)

How Matoš failed his class

Writer rated insufficient.

Matoš was one of those students whom the teachers remembered. Everyone remembered his unconventional character.

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When the Matoševs moved to Zagreb, Antun went to the Classical High School. And he stayed there until the seventh grade. Why seventh, if school already lasted longer at that time? Namely, Matoš attended seventh grade twice. He was so mischievous that he had a failing grade in as many as three subjects! And it is well known that a student with three negative grades automatically fails the class.

So Matoš had units in physics and propaedeutics, but also in the Croatian language. Croatian language! Professor Ivan Broz was responsible for this unit. This did not stop Matoš, so he still graduated from the School of the Croatian National Institute of Music, where he also learned to play the cello.

However, the drop in grades did not discourage Matoš from continuing his education. So at the Military Veterinary Faculty in Vienna, he lost his scholarship due to failing the colloquium and stopped his studies.

What is particularly interesting is how Matoš became one of the most famous and best Croatian writers of all time. Despite the Croatian language unit that cost him a grade drop.

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